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Clever Communication = Deeper Connections

Analogies are powerful tools that can be used to help people understand ideas and concepts in a simpler, more digestible way. Without analogies, complex topics become less accessible and communication can break down. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of using analogies when communicating with others and how they can help people connect on a deeper level.

Analogies are comparisons made between two things that share some similarities but are otherwise different. They can be a powerful tool in any learning setting (insert: any and all group fitness classes) because they help learners to understand complex concepts by relating them to something that they are already familiar with. Here are some reasons why analogies are important when the act of learning is present:

Simplifying complex concepts: Analogies help to simplify complex concepts by breaking them down into more relatable terms. By comparing the unfamiliar concept to something one is already familiar with, they can more easily understand and remember the new information.

Bridging prior knowledge and new information: Analogies can help learners to bridge the gap between what they already know and what they are trying to learn. By connecting new information to something that they already understand, they can build upon their prior knowledge and make new connections.

Encouraging critical thinking: Analogies require one to think critically and make connections between seemingly unrelated things. This can help learners to develop higher-order thinking skills and to better understand the underlying principles of a concept.

Enhancing retention: Analogies can be memorable, and when someone connects new information to something that they already know, it helps them to remember it more easily.

Here are 4 examples of clever comparisons to use for deeper learning in your next class:

  1. A push up is like a mountain climbing expedition. You start at the bottom and have to work your way up, using your strength and determination to reach the top. Along the way, you may struggle with fatigue or frustration but if you persevere, eventually you will make it to your goal.

  2. Getting low into a squat with weights is like climbing to the bottom of a well. When you get lower, it becomes harder and more challenging to lift yourself out of the depths. You need extra strength, focus, and determination in order to ascend back up with the weights in your hands.

  3. Using heavier weights in a strength class is like gradually raising the stakes in a game of poker. You start out with small bets, and as you become more confident in your strategy and ability to win, you raise the stakes until eventually you're risking much more than when you began. In a similar way, when beginning an exercise program or taking a fitness class it's important to take things slowly at first and build up gradually so that you don't risk injury or overexertion. As you become accustomed to the exercises and grow stronger, then you can increase your intensity by adding heavier weights for added challenge.

  4. Learning something new is like opening a door to a new world. Every time you learn something, it's like unlocking a door and entering into an entirely new realm of knowledge and understanding.

Overall, analogies can be a powerful tool in any learning setting because they help to understand complex concepts, bridge prior knowledge and new information, encourage critical thinking, and enhance retention which all leads to one bottom line result: SUCCESS for any member in a group fitness experience! And providing an environment that breeds success is where people will not always find their way back, but will unleash a whole new level of empowerment to any movement you teach.

Share your favorite analogies that you use or changed the way you learned something in the comments below!




Lauri Hill
Lauri Hill
Mar 25, 2023

Yoga sculpt the dreamer is a freaking amazing class. Just what this girl needed this morning. Katie you rock. You are the best.

Replying to

So glad to hear it met you right where you are Lauri! So grateful for you!

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